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and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. . we're back with more of "today" on this seventh day of september 2010, most beem are headed back to work and school. we have got some people playing hooky here. we're happy they're here and enjoying a butiful day in new york. i'm matt lauer along with natalee morales and al roker out on the plaza this morning. did you have a nice weekend? >> yeah, i worked up here yesterday. >> that's right, we appreciate that. >> and you have been traveling like crazy. >> yeah, home for a little bit. >> good for you.
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okay coming up in this half hour, a fascinating jailhouse interview with joran van der sloot. he is in a peruvian jail on charges of murdering a young woman down there, but of course he's also the guy who's under suspicion in the disappearance of natalee holloway five years ago in aruba. wait until you hear what he has to say about her disappearance and charges that he tried to extort her family. and on a lighter note, yesterday marked the unofficial end of summer, back to school, back to really hunkering down at work. so on our diet s.o.s., joy bauer will help us with everything from portable protein snacks to feeding a fussey preschooler. and what a lot of people are talking about, going gluten free. the secret of hollywood stars and how they defy their age from timeless beauties like susan serandon.
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we're going to check out their exercise routines that keep them turning heads at all ages. a lot to get to. ann's standing by at the news desk, she has all the headlines. >> good morning once again, everybody, in the news, a wind whipped wildfire has destroyed dozens of homes in the colorado foothills according to a fire official there. the blaze broke out monday in the four-mile canyon northwest of boulder and spread rapidly. more than five square miles have been burned and 1,000 homes have been evacuated. tropical storm hermine is bringing heavy rains and strong winds to south texas. it is threatening to dump up to a foot of rain all the way up to dallas. more bodies have been pulled from the mud covered highway in guatemala where back to back landslides over the weekend buried bus passengers and then the people trying to rescue them. at least 45 people have died in these mudslides which were caused by torrential rains from a tropical depression.
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joran van der sloot, the dutch man suspected in the 2005 disappearance of american teenager natalee holloway in aruba, now admits in a jailhouse interview that he extorted $25,000 in exchange for false information about natalee's remains. >> i have have been five years that people have just been blaming me for something and, yeah, i have a lot of anger built up because of that also and at one point i just thought that, okay, you keep insisting that you want to give me this money, i have already told a lot of different stories, i'll do it again, yeah, i know it's very wrong. very wrong what i did. but van der sloot sinists he knows nothing about what happened to natalee holloway. he is currently jailed in peru charged with murdering a young woman there. in los angeles, a protest over the deadly police shooting
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of a guatemalian immigrant. on sunday, officers say they fatally shot the immigrant because he came at them with a knife. video from a georgia sheriff's deputy's dash cam recorded a fiery end to a crash and a rescue to go along with it. three officers risk their lives to save a man from a burning car south of atlanta. an arizona diamondbacks home game, a bat flew out of the player's hand and hit a young player on the head. but 13-year-old mason fox gave a thumbs-up sign as he was carried away. he was treated at the hospital and then was later released. it is now four minutes past the hour, let's go back outside to al for a check of the weather. >> actually i'm coming upstairs, ann, but thank you very much and thank goodness that little boy's okay. let's see what's going on, we
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have got tropical storm hermine, 50 miles west of corpus christi, texas, it's moving northwest/northwest at 17, we have tornado watches up from corpus christi to just west of galveston until 1:00. here's the path of hermine, it will travel through central texas on into oklahoma and it's going bring a heck of a lot of rain with it. we're talking in some areas 10 to 12 inches of rain over the next three days just north of san antonio and about five to seven inches in >> it is going to be much warmer than over the weekend. for today, mostly sunny skies. high temperatures into the
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time joy's s.o.s. we dole out advice for your diet. joy's a registered dietitian and nutritionist and "today" she's covering everything from packing in protein when you're on the run to dealing with a fussey preschooler. we're going to go to diane in altoona, iowa. diane, good morning, and what's your question. >> caller: good morning, i travel and also work internationally, i'm trying to find a goo good protein replacement bar that won't melt. because i'm always on the run. it's confusing all the choices. can you make a recommendation? >> it can be very challenging to find that perfect bar so it's a great question and thanks for asking it. and once that per faekt bar for you might not necessarily be perfect for someone else. but in general, when it comes to
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bars, i tell people to look for bars that have at least seven grams of protein, no more than two grams of saturated, that's the artery clogging fat, at least two grams of fiber and when it comes to calories if you're using it as a snack and you're trying to lose weight, less than 200 calories, but if you're using it as a meal replacement like you just talked about or weight is not an issue, about 350 calories is going to be fine. for you, you don't want a mess, you don't want anything that's going to melt in the heat, no chocolate chips and no coatings. so these are a few, crisp bar has some nonchocolate varieties. also power bar the harvest and power bar nut natural. you will find bars that are going to fit the bill that we just discussed. something else to think about, you could take a hodgepodge of trail mix yourself and you can get the same bang for your buck, whole grain cereals, dry fruits,
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nuts and throw in roasted armane. it will bump up the protein and the fiber and it's delicious. >> and cheaper. >> and it's all over the place now, you can get it at health food stores or main stream grocery markets. >> now let's go to andrea in arvada, colorado, she's on the phone. good morning, andrea, what's your question? >> caller: my preschooler has food texture issues, he doesn't eat crunchy foods, one of the things he does eat is peanut butter but his class will be nut free this year. >> your son is gorgeous, and these texture issues are pretty widespread amongst kids and crunchy ones seem to be the most common. crunchy cereals and crunchy snack bars. i have had the best luck with simple single foods. try applesauce cup, plain or flavored yogurt.
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there's a natural drinkable smoothy yogurt. there's a combination. there's whole wheat pasta. if you really want to take -- >> chile for lunch. >> you also work the organic kitchen, they have pizza bites that are fine at room temperature. >> how about grilled cheese. >> grilled cheese is great. and chicken caquesadillas. if he loves peanut butter, ask if you can send in so i nut butter or sun flower butter,
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because that can work as well. good luck. >> and finally you have a viewer e-mail, this one from donna from new york. what is gluten and why is it bad for you? is it a natural occurring substance or man-made and why do we hear so much about it these days? >> such a buzz word. gluten is a naturally occurring protein and it's found in wheat, barley and rye, and anything, whether it's a commercial product that's made with wheat, barley and rye. and for the most part, the majority of people can digest it perfectly fine. but there are a subset of people that have a condition called celiac disease and if you have this, your doctor will discuss this with you. your gastrointestinal tract will view it as a toxin and there are some very severe medical side
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effects. but there's some people who have an intolerance to it. you're going to do that by a personal evaluation, if you eat something with gluten and you feel bloated or lethargic, then you may make the decision to lay off it. don't make the decision that it's bad just because people are following this gluten free diet. eat clean gluten free whole foods. you don't want to fall prey to all the gluten free cookies and the cakes and the candies, then you gain weight and you feel horrible. >> joy bauer, thanks so much. still to come on "today," a problem for more than 7 million women, infertility. dr. nancy snyderman is going to answer more of your questions. coming up next, from susan serandon to cindy crawford.
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"today's" woman is brought to you by aveeno. this morning on "today's" woman, how hollywood's hottest women stay fresh faced and fabulous over 40. linda welch, editor and chief of allure magazine. lets start with the gorgeous susan serandon, looking at her, i would never have guessed her age. >> one of the things she does is she doesn't go in the sun. she moisturizes her skin more often, and that's true, as you get older your estrogen levels
9:16 am
drop and that's what yaw need to do. and she gets laser treatments that take care of the brown spots, just a little light laser at the dermatologist's office. she's been playing sexy since the late '80s. the sexy older woman. she wears less makeup, she says as you get older, she doesn't want to have whatever happened to baby jane on her face and she's very good about getting to the gym. she notices if she goes a couple of days without exercising, we all do, right? >> exactly, it's as much for the mind as it is for the body. and next we have a supermodel, imon, her skin just glows at the age of 55. >> she's taken care of her skin since she was 9, it's part of her culture, she's from kenya, but she started cleansing and moisturizing at the age of nine. she went to a dermatologist who said she has to stay out of the
9:17 am
sun. and she wears an sk 2 mask and she says it makes her look like she's been resting for a week. >> and next is cindy crawford at age 44 and it's all about her gorgeous hair. >> she realizes that coloring her hair she does it often, it gives her hair a kind of shine to it and that's important because your hair ages the way your skin does, and if you take care of the body and the skin and everything else, she's really conscientious. >> she's gorgeous. next is 512-year-old andy mcdowell and she says she actually embraces aging, but does she have a few beauty tricks as well? >> she uses tib s tinted moistu instead of foundation. sometimes if your moisturizer is
9:18 am
a little too thin, it can make lines. and then she makes sure that the skin under her eyes, she puts cream on it and taking care of that and the l'oreal skin care eye serum is a really good one for that. but she likes what's happening to her face. and i think with all these women self-acceptance makes a big difference, it's not overdoing it and going to the plastic surgeon and being comfortable about where you r. >> you can cover up your rear end, but you can't do much about your face. >> and kim catrell, she's the fun, confident and sexy woman in "sex and the city." all of the "sex and the city" ladies are over the age of 40 right now, so what basics can we learn about what they're using. >> the one thing that every woman is use over 40 is rheetin
9:19 am
and it stimulates the production of collagen, you can get a prescription for it or you can get an over-the-counterer one. and we like neutrogena skin care line. and then also you want to exfoliate, because as your skin gets older, the skin cells don't turn over as much so your skin can look dull, all you need to do is help that along a little bit, we like a chemical exfoal yant because the scrubs can be a little abrasive. avon has a new one, it's a pad, you rub it on, it's like cell regeneration, then your skin isn't dull, it's lively and that's the real key thing is to have everything look bright and healthy. >> and the key thing with all of these women just an example is the body confidence in who they are.
9:20 am
>> they all exercise, they all take care of their skin and these women are real role models with all of us, so it's interesting that hollywood is having a resurgence in these women and it gives us something to look forward to and they actually have something to say, they're real women of substance. >> so they're the new 35. let's embrace that. linda welchs as always, thanks for that. coming up, from controlling your cravings to curbing your appetite, we're going to talk about the five ds of dieting. but first these messages. can't eat this. can't do that. can't lose weight. but on weight watchers, i can. weigh less than i did in high school. can. stand here not suckin' in a thing. sure can. lose weight, and feel lighter and liberated in so many ways. i can. and you can too. and you can join for free. ♪ i can. i can. i can. ♪ [ female announcer ] and, if you join by september 25th
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> after a beautiful holiday weekend, we will turn up the heat just a little bit. temperatures this afternoon will climb into the upper 80s. mostly sunny skies, maybe a few high, thin clouds. slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow as the front comes by good temperatu
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i like making noise, maybe because i was a tomboy. the first sound you make is like that and i love the sound to that. >> that's meredith tap dancing her way into our hearts. it's all part of our series on "today's" first jobs. matt was a paper boy and we'll find out how meredith got started tomorrow on "today." coming up in this half hour, a possible copycat crime, two women in two different states
9:31 am
hads s acid thrown in their fac just days apart. it's a very tough story, we're going to hear from them in just a bit. >> you push back when you hair that. we're also going to be talking about another serious topic, it's caused a lot of people to send their email questions to us and it's about infertility. 7 million women struggle with infertility but it's a problem for many men. it can be physically and emotionally tough on a marriage. so this morning, dr. nancy snyderman is back to answer questions about your fertility, how to treat it and how to cope with it. >> plus we're going to tell you about the five ds of dieting, if you have to have that late-night piece of chocolate or handful of chips or you struggle with having a big appetite. there are five things that can curb those cravings and hopefully keep you satisfied.
9:32 am
but first mr. roker is checking the weather for us. >> we have wet weather in the northeast. hermine is causing a lot of wet weather down in texas, we have got wet weather also in the pacific northwest, sunny skies through much of california, tomorrow a few showers west of new york on into new england, heavy rain moves into oklahoma. the heat and some heat-based thunderstorms in southwest and we're looking at plenty of sunshine down through fl >> it is going to be much warmer than over the weekend. we will have temperatures in the upper 80s. mostly sunny skies expected as we had to the afternoon.
9:33 am
>> and that's your latest weather. coming up next, two women and two separate acid attacks just days apart, now the victims are speaking out. we'll hear from them right after this. ♪ my name is elan, and i'm saving up to buy a new toyota corolla. >> it was that the corolla provides. i am a bookkeeper, and also a prep chef, so i need to be driving around from place to place. for the initial down payment, i'm six months out from when i get to go in and buy the corolla and get the keys. [ male announcer ] share your toyota story on what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] new neutrogena® clinical skincare helps restore collagen depleted skin to undo the look of a year's worth of skin aging in just 4 weeks. clinical skincare. neutrogena®. with technology of the future.
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today authoritieses in washington state and arizona are hunting for the suspects in two horrific acid attacks just days apart and despite all they have endured, the women who had acid tossed in their faces are speaking out now. >> jerri still bears the physical and emotional scars of a terrifying attack. last thursday, a woman approached the 41-year-old mom outside her mesa, arizona home and threw acid at her hitting part of her face and shoulder. >> at first i thought she threw a cup of water in my face, but it immediately started to just burn, i was on fire. >> reporter: that attack happened 1,300 miles and three days after bethany experienced somethi something eerily similar. he was in downtown vancouver, washington heading to get coffee when a woman, seen in this police sketch approached her
9:37 am
holding a cup and said hey, pretty girl would you like to drink this? she said no and that's when the woman threw acid in her face. >> i could hear it sizzling, once it hit me, i could also hear bubbling and sizzling in my skin. >> reporter: miraculously, neither woman was blinded. storro was saved by a pair of new sunglasses. investigators are looking into the possibility that velarde was singled out and that it could be the work of a copycat. >> this is nothing new, in the last ten years, just to my research, i found about 3,500 similar attacks around the world. >> reporter: hi profile acid attacks include former british model casey piper who was doused with acid in 2008 and ms. june, columbian beauty contestant maria fernando nunez. >> unfortunately, this is about as bad as it gets.
9:38 am
>> reporter: dr. john sharp says the psychological recovery process can last from six months to two years. >> with the conclusion of their healing process, they'll be able to get to the point where they can see that they have beauty, that it comes from within and their lives are no longer about this terrible trauma. >> a long and difficult journey for two women who have already showed remarkable strength surviving the unimaginable. coming up next, from the emotional strains to the physical ones, dr. nancy snyderman answers your questions about infertility. but first these messages.
9:39 am
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we're continuing our q & a from last week on the topic of infertility, a new survey reveals that for 55% of couples, dealing with infertility, this is a physically and emotionsly stressful time. back is our medical editor dr. nancy snyderman. let's go back over some of these stats from self-magazine. 53% of couples say the struggle to conceive has taken the fun and spontaneity out of their love lives. 71% say infertility makes them feel flawed. and 50% of men said infertility makes them feel less masculine. >> everybody you pass on the sidewalk seems pregnant, so when
9:43 am
you want it so much, it seems that the rest of the world is extraordinarily fertile and the fact that we would tie our grandest aspirations into how well we procreate, we may intu wit intellectually but when you want to be pregnant, you really, really want to be pregnant. >> you say there's signs that women may not be fertile? >> if you have problems with ovulation and you know your periods fluctuate, very important and a reason to check in with a doctor. if you don't ovulate at all, and for women who have eating disorders, remember if you have anorexia or bulimia, those are reasons to see an infertility specialist. but what trumps all of that is age. we talked about the biological clock. it is important for women to remember that the older you get the less your chance of getting
9:44 am
pregnant and if you smoke cigarettes, that affects things too. so lifestyle makes a difference. >> our first question is from skype from jennifer in utah. good morning, jennifer, what's our your question? >> my husband was recently diagnosed with a condition that results in a low sperm count. should we just give up hope and try to adopt? >> as a doctor i will never tell you to give up, but as a mother of an adopted child, that's a good route too. doctors look at the number of sperm in a microscope and deciding if there's enough to ovulate an egg and for men that's usually a sperm count of lower than 20 million, and it seems like already a lot. but those numbers matter and also the health of the sperm matter. so here are the things for your husband and for you to talk about and those are the simple lifestyle things, for instance,
9:45 am
ann, things like cigarette smoking, drug use, exposure to pesticides, even hot tub use where the testicles can be warmed too much and that can reduce the sperm count. those simple lifestyle things matter. soi so i would say to you jennifer, absolutely do not give up hope, but lifestyle matters and also see an infertility specialist. >> infertility specialists are having success in dealing with infertility? >> the third time a couple can't get pregnant, it has something to do with men, sometimes the sperm just isn't mobile enough but there is a lot of tricks now. and the lifestyle issues are important. >> nicole send us an e-mail, she wrote, i was on the birth control pill for three years, now have been off for three years. we have been trying to conceive for the past three years and still no pregnancy. i have irregular cycles, 28 to 43 days and i'm not sure what
9:46 am
steps to take next. >> here's the one good things you should know and that is the birth control pill has probably been the most studied medication in mankind. absolutely safe and the fact that she was on it has nothing to do with the fact that she's having irregular periods now, there's an estrogen-progesterin imbalance. at least get several months of hormone muzzles, make sure you're seeing the right specialist. there may be a way to stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs, but this is where you have to see someone who he or she knows what they're talking about. >> how do you decide on a specialist? >> here's where i tell people to do their home work, people who advertise for the number of pregnancies, they'll advertise
9:47 am
for the number of live births. but we have seen many times that popping out the number of babies is not the issue. you want to look for programs that have very specific criteria and very honest criteria for who they will help and the gold standard is one or two babies born healthy. i'm not a big believer in implanting five, six, seven embryos and having a multitude of little chicks because that does not necessarily mean healthy babies. so you have to really do your home work and look for the programs, university based most of the time and the best place to turn on the web is the american college of obstetrics and gynecology because they'll list the good ones. >> we have got a questioner on the phone, tena. she's in prosper, texas. hello, tena. >> i hi, i have had problems getting pregnant and i have also had five miscarriages. i was wondering if acupuncture can improve your chances of
9:48 am
becoming and staying pregnant. >> this is probably one of the coolest fields of infertility and i have a friend over at harvard who's looking into the mind-body connection in pregnancy. for years we said that stress has nothing to do with it and there was no connection between your lifestyle mentally and getting pregnant. but then of course we would hear anecdotes from women who would go on vacation and come back and say, guess what, i'm pregnant. now we're uncovering everything and acupuncture may have a role. we're connecting the mind-body connection in infertility and i suspect we'll find more and more clues as we go on. >> we want to wish tena luck and all the other men and women who want to have a family. >> and remember that adoption is a real option too. you can have a family with a couple you pop-out the old-fashioned way and an adopted
9:49 am
one and have a really happy life. >> shedding those pounds for good with the five ds of >> shedding those pounds for good with the five ds of dieting.
9:50 am
my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it
9:51 am
neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. this morning on take it off today, the five ds of dieting, the things you crave can be the most difficult obstacles to weight loss. "today's" diet and nutrition expert madeleine morris. i think it would be easy to fall into that pitfall where all you do is think about food when you're dieting. so the five ds what are they kpkt exactly? >> first you want to delay your eating, you're going to distract yourself, you also want to distance yourself. determine and finally decide. now we'll discuss what these all mean. >> so delay means what? >> delay means this is the biggest step because you want to
9:52 am
be a minefdful eater. you have that wave of i want to eat something, delay that for ten or 15 minutes, it's acknowledging that you actually want to eat something, so you're putting that off, saying i just want to think about this. so that's a good first step. >> because we tend to be impulsive and go with our cravings. >> we get that wave of impulse and we have to have it right now. and that takes about three weeks to learn, but that's the hardest step, just defer that eating and delay it. >> a lot of times they say you're not hungry, you're thirsty, let's talk about distract, another tactic. >> while you're doing this, you don't want to say i'm going to sit in front of a clock for ten minutes and watch the minutes tick by. you want to distract yourself, and do something that does not involve eating, involving your hands, you can clean out a drawer, do a load of wash, walk around the clock, answer some e-mails, do something to just distract yourself and make you
9:53 am
stop thinking about the food and sometimes that really works and that's enough. >> as we're dieting, a lot of people do just that, they tend to become just to the point where they're obsessed with food. >> you're focusing all the time and you really have to distract yourself and force yourself to think about some other things. it is hard, if it were easy everybody would be thin. >> another important d strategy is distance. so food is always around us, especially here on this show. >> food is around 24/7, you have to distance yourself, mentally and physically. don't keep food on your shelves in the kitchen, don't be around food, don't use food shopping as an activity to salem look for low calorie things. just don't keep food around, out of sight, out of mind really works when it comes to food. keep that distance. >> and also determined. what do you mean by that? >> determined means start to think about a little several evaluation and self-i warns, why do you want to eat? are you hungry or are you thirsty? is it emotional hunger or
9:54 am
physical hunger? when is the last time you ate or drank something? a good way to understand this is to keep a food record, either online or write it down to see what are your eating patterns and why you want to eat. this about this so you can determine what it is you really need to act on. >> how do you determine the difference between emotional hunger and real food hunger? what are the real simple p toms and signs? >> they're really perceived as the same thing and we're really confused and that's when the food record comes in, you say when did i eat last? if it's over three hours, you're probably physically hungry. if you've eaten about 100, 150 calories and an hour later you want more food, a lot of times it's going to be emotional. . >> and the last d is decide. >> decide doesn't mean go foraging for food everywhere. decide what it is you want. you want to preplan and say do i
9:55 am
want something salty or crunchy or sweet or creamy and smooth and think about portions, whether you want sort of a full serving indulgens, whenever it is,able on what you really want to eat and don't deprive yours. don't pick something you think has to be healthy. >> great information. coming up with hoda and kathy lee, actress and best selling author jamie lee curtis is back with them and then back to school fashions for mom. have a
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> we are off to a quiet start this tuesday.
9:58 am
temperatures will warm up a little bit. expect this to head through the afternoon with the high- temperature in the upper 80s. still in the 80's tomorrow. slight chance for a shower thunderstorm. it will dry up
9:59 am

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